Friday, August 19, 2011

I think this is as done as it's gonna get for now! I... gotta start planning backgrounds.
Tried to fix some anatomy/pose issues

Punnnk I drew Mr. Pyro at work today while I playblasted and when I got home I went to find ref for his piercings. Some of the image results I looked at inspired me to draw the lady there too XD Though I didn't plan well and now one of her feet is cut off. I'll probably re-draw it when I'm looking at it in photoshop.

Kinda looks like he's looking up her skirt, doesn't it? Huh. Eh, it's cool, she has jeans on.
Age meme~ Starting another blog, hope I use this one. I think I'll be using this as a sketch dump. Mayyybeeeeee....